The Grommet has great solution for today’s busy gift retailers

As a shop owner, you’re often looking to make your store stand out. Usually, the biggest way is by having unique products. Luckily, we at The Grommet Wholesale created an easy, streamlined place for you to find—and buy—those competitive-edge-gaining items.

Our site lets you browse thousands of different innovative products from hundreds of Makers. We’ve set it up to be easy to navigate. Logging into our site is like walking through your shop’s front door. It’s simple and straightforward, with the newest products right in front of you.

You can buy from (and even ask questions of) multiple Makers through one convenient account. Most of our Retailers, who’ve been filling out paper invoices for years, are happily surprised how convenient it is to buy from The Grommet Wholesale. And you don’t pay a commission—our price is the same you’d pay going directly to the Maker.

Want products in a specific category? A specific price point? There are collections for those, and the setup makes finding them fast. We think of it as the signs you’d see in a store, directing you to different sections of merchandise. Gifts for him and her. Kitchen tools and household gadgets. Bed, bath, fitness, DIY and outdoor products—all in one place.

Browse at your own leisure. See customer reviews to hear what everyday folks think of a product. Watch product videos without the pressure of a sales rep or trade show environment. You can even create displays of seasonal products faster than you can say, “Is it really this easy?”

See shipping rates before ordering, track past orders with ease, and never shuffle through a paper trail again. We’ll even help you get your own community excited about your new Grommet additions with product photos you can post on social media.

We provide real-time updates for backorders and expected delivery times. Say goodbye to editing and re-editing paper purchase orders.

Want to order now but wait on delivery? Go ahead. You can schedule deliveries for any future date. You won’t pay until it ships and you’ll receive a reminder before it does. If your plans change, there’s no cancellation fee.

Got questions? Want help navigating the site? Call (844-244-4486) or chat with a merchandiser who is there to help, not make a commission.

So come on in, the water’s fine.