Persistence Is One of the Keys

Persistence has certainly paid off for fashion jewelry designer Michael Michaud, founder of Michael Michaud Jewelry and part of the Four Seasons Design Group in Bellmore, NY.

In fact, it is one of the traits Michaud lists as “must have” for anyone starting out in the jewelry design business.

“If what you love is to design jewelry and tabletop products do that. If you would love to start a business then do that,” he said.

“I find it is a rare person that can do both. You should seek out people that are strong in areas you are not. This will allow you to do the things you are good at and not stress about the things you are not.

“Be persistent, no matter how talented you are – it’s going to be a long road with a lot of
bumps along the way,” he added. “Believe in yourself, there will be a lot of advice and criticism along the way. You need to trust in yourself and focus on your
own instincts.”

Michaud attended the Rochester Institute of Technology’s prestigious school for American craftsmen, where he studied under designers Hans Christenson and Gary Griffin and became a master in the creation and manipulation of molds.

After graduating in 1980, Michaud continued to perfect his craft while working under jewelry designers in the New York City area. In 1991, he found himself working in New York City’s flower district and living in the beautiful Connecticut countryside – his love of the natural beauty that surrounded him began to blend with his passion for creating jewelry
which lead to the birth of Michael Michaud Jewelry.

“In 1992 I incorporate Silver Seasons the predecessor to Michael Michaud Design,” he
explained. “I started in a small loft in Manhattan with one employee so at the time I pretty
much did everything.”

“During this time, I became an expert in the mold making and casting processes giving me the knowledge I would later use to experiment with the process of casting flora and fauna directly from nature,” Michaud added.

“Five years later I outgrew the loft in the city and partnered up with
the Four Seasons Design Group where we still are today. We currently have over fifty employees and we are proud to design and manufacture our jewelry and table top products from start to finish in America.”

Design inspiration finds Michaud in many ways, he said, adding “I would have to say my
greatest inspiration comes from what the great outdoors has to offer.” And it is the design side of the business that drives him

“I’m very lucky to be in a place now where most of my responsibility is just to create new designs. This is what makes me the happiest and what I’m best at.”

The company’s pussy willows and peapods continue to be the most popular, Michaud revealed.

“I am most proud of the fact quite a few of my collections have been in our line for many years and continued to be well received.”

In terms of what’s on the horizon, Michaud revealed, he is working on “a coffee bean
collection which should be very popular with the Starbucks generation but if you’re not into the caffeine then we are also developing a hops collection
for the growing interest in specialty beers.”

For over 30 years Michael’s botanical line has been handmade at the Four Seasons Design Group, an American-made manufacturer located in Bellmore, NY. A variety of Ash Leaf styles are available online at: fourseasonsdesigngroupcom