Industry Innovators: Las Vegas Market

Cutting-edge Las Vegas Market Showroom Announces Debut at This Summer’s Event

Three gift industry CEO’s have come together to roll up their sleeves and create a unique collective that will debut at the Las Vegas World Market Center this summer in Building C-804.

Molly Wilson, CEO molly&drew®, a gourmet powerhouse pairing consumers love of beer with delicious bread mixes, Ben Torrens, CEO Think Pray Gift, inspiring the gift industry with breathtaking Color Changing Story Mugs among other unique art and gift items, and Paul Lowrie an industry veteran, most known for William Randal Publishing’s beloved CHAT PACK™, the bestselling ice-breaker question cards, have teamed up to bring together the best in one room with one simple goal; to strengthen the manufacturer-buyer relationship.

“Best of Show seeks to create long term relationships with buyers and makers! Sometimes manufacturers/owners seem so distant to buyers and retail owners,” Wilson, who spoke for the group, explained. “BEST of show changes all of that. Buyers will meet owners, makers and artists – because we are all committed to going back to our roots and shaking hands to start new and lasting relationships!”


The trio are responding to a growing need in the marketplace to simplify, reduce expenses, and tighten the bond between stores and those who create the goods they sell, Wilson explained.

“Kudos to the Las Vegas World Market Center for providing the most premier space available, on the hottest gift floor, to this cutting-edge manufacturer driven concept,” Wilson said.

Best of Show, with 20 vendors already, will be staffed with owners, artists, creators, and makers. Unique features include a buyer concierge staff to facilitate buyer/vendor social marketing, market time recharging, and assisting in sales efforts. The buyers shopping experience will be like no other.  No pressure, simply bringing qualified, serious buyers together with companies ready to ship, service, and educate buyers on the best way to sell their goods.

The room concept will provide stores with the tools they need right now to strengthen their sales in this tough retail economic environment.

“Best of Show is a hot, fun, savvy, well digitally marketed room with a manufacturer-to-store direct collaboration,” Wilson explained. “Sometimes we get caught up in the glitz and the glam and the buzz of the NOW – and at Best Of Show, you will find ALL of that! But you will also find us going back to our roots – handshakes, hello’s.”

Categories represented in this new concept include; home accents, bath and body, gourmet, fashion, stationery, fragrance, general gift and inspirational, working as a team, so each manufacturer continues to build a successful business.


Hot trending vendors in Best of Show include: Iowa-based Milkhouse Candles, the country’s largest producer of soy wax candles; Da Bomb Bath Fizzers, an on-trend, American-made, overnight success story featuring a pair teenage sisterpreneurs™ from Minnesota whose bath bombs all have surprises inside; and Sunleaf Naturals, an innovative essential oil focused company who partners with upscale retailers to market their beautiful line of home and body care products.

“It’s unique in the industry that so many diverse vendors will be working together to achieve unified success vs. competing,” she said.

“Long time industry leaders Jim Glover (the late Jim Glover, CEO Palmer Marketing) and Denny Nisch of Palmer are two of my mentors. They taught me two things – we are all family and gift stores will always be the stores of sentiment! At BEST of show you will be treated like family and be inspired by the amazing creations you can find for your store in just one place,” Wilson added.

“When I was 14 I got my first job in my neighborhood Hallmark Gold Crown Store, The Sugar Bowl in Storm Lake, Iowa. 28 years later – women who shopped in that store are my friends on Facebook! 6 years ago when I was launching my company molly&drew® The Beer Bread Company, I reached out to 10 women who owned gift shops around the US – I asked them to try my beer bread and only pay me if it sold. Six years later – they are all still loyal customers!”

For more information about Best Of Show, LLC and to arrange to speak with a company spokesperson, please contact Molly Wilson at or (941) 932-8429