July/August Features

Persistence Is One of the Keys

Persistence has certainly paid off for fashion jewelry designer Michael Michaud, founder of Michael Michaud Jewelry and part of the Four Seasons Design Group...

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Gift Alerts

Kurt Adler Inc.

18” Hollywood Sparkling Holiday Red and Green Nutcracker, Assortment of 3. Stunning in holiday perfect...


Several new items for the home have just been announced including a striped laundry hamper...

Sabbath Day Woods

New, Haywood Votive Centerpiece with new palm wax candles. 828-235-9444

Earth Rugs

Our new Original Flag rug is available for shipment starting January 1, 2018. Pre-order yours...

Juniper Tree Soap

Magical Moonflower Soap Created out of vegetable glycerin soap to honor our mother moon. She...

Heart the Moment

Heart the Moment DoorKnob Hangers: Vintage artwork on durable paper with heartfelt messages. Happily made...